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QVExcel is a powerful COMPLETELY FREE Excel Add-In that enhances the reporting capabilities for QlikView users so they can have QlikView Powered Pixel Perfect Reports!

The latest release of QVExcel includes a new feature allowing you to control QVExcel using Excel VBA Macros.

What does this mean?

It means you can now do so much more! Create truely pixel perfect reports, work with dynamic QlikView tables and automate report generation and distribution. Read here for more information!

  • Create report that meet your company's needs

    Corporate Branding

    Create reports that meet your company's exact needs.

  • QlikView in Excel

    QlikView in Excel

    Make selections like you would with QlikView, but within your Excel reports.

  • Familiar

    Use Excel formulas to pull live data from QlikView.

  • Easily distribute your reports


    Send Excel files as normal across your organization.

  • No wizards, templates or third party products

    Excel Integration

    No wizards. No templates. No third party products. Just a fully intergrated Excel Add-in.

  • Create custom reports, quickly and easily

    Quick & Easy

    Create the custom Financial, Management and other reports you need quickly and easily. Pull out whole tables in just 1 click!

  • A direct link is maintained with QlikView to ensure data integrity

    Report Integrity

    With a direct link to QlikView, any changes to the underlying data will be updated in your reports.

  • Bring data together from other Excel files and merge with your QlikView data


    Bring data together from other Excel spreadsheets and your QlikView applications.

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Overview of QVExcel

Click here to find out how almost any report is possible with QVExcel.